PENSA Ghana is directly under the Youth Ministry of the Church of Pentecost, with the National Coordinator serving as a member of the National Executive Committee of the Youth Ministry.

At every NCC meeting, every tertiary institution is supposed to be represented by the president and the secretary.

The expenses of the President and Secretary coming from any institution must be fully catered for from the coffers of the institution. Thus, every PENSA institution is supposed to pay for the transportation cost and any other necessary costs for their president and secretary to attend the NCC meeting as many times as the meeting is called.

The NCT determines the institution to host each NCC meeting, subject to the preparedness and agreement of the leaders of the institution. However, at such meetings, the cost of feeding participants is shared among PENSA-Ghana and the various tertiary institutions in the sector within which the NCC meeting was held.

The daily activities of PENSA Ghana and the NCC are run by the National Coordinating Team, which is a 9-member National Executive body of PENSA. The NCT is made up of the
Coordinator, Secretary, Organizer, Prayer Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and 3 Executive Members. The NCT members usually hold office for one year and the membership is drawn from the institutions based on a rotational format involving four areas in the country: