The future of every great Church lies in the vibrancy of its youth and the handing over of the baton of fire from generation to generation. In the Church of Pentecost, PENSA (Pentecost Students and Associates – Ghana) is a major means through which this fire is transmitted and fanned into flames. PENSA is the student’s wing under the Youth Ministry of The Church of Pentecost. Birthed about forty- two years ago, PENSA has seen tremendous growth over the years and has even extended its borders. Nevertheless, as the progenitor, PENSA Ghana is the largest PENSA group worldwide and by the grace of God, continues to broaden its tentacles, producing diligent and vibrant workers in the vineyard of the Lord Almighty.


  • To foster interaction among members within and outside the various campuses.
  • To deepen and strengthen personal faith in Christ Jesus, and to enhance the mutual growth of members through the study of the Bible, prayer and fellowship.
  • For proper integration of students and alumni into the Church of Pentecost (The Church)
  • To help establish PENSA in all Pre – Tertiary, Vocational, Technical and Tertiary Institutions.
  • To curb the drift of students and alumni into other churches.
  • To help gather resources for field and missionary work.
  • To ensure effective communication between the Church and the Group, as well as within the Group.


  • To organize programs to meet the needs of members in the Tertiary institutions, such as Conference, Joint Evangelistic Crusades, Seminars, Workshops, Orientation for National Service Personnel, etc.
  • To promote the establishment of the Alumni body for effective integration into the Church and to help finance programs.
  • To provide assistance to members of the Church in 2nd Cycle Institutions in the form of Seminars, Crusade, Vacation Classes, and Career Guidance, etc, to inspire, motivate and encourage such members.
  • To inculcate into the membership, a lifestyle of modesty and decency.
  • To help members identify and develop their ministries and leadership potentials.
  • To coordinate the activities of PENSA in other institutions within designated zones.

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