This is an initiative of the Youth ministry to stir up revival in the Church and in the nations.
There is no mighty revival that happened without the agency of prayer. From the Pentecost
experience in Acts 2 through to the many landmark spiritual revivals such as the Azusa Street
Revival, each one of them was premised on prayer, more prayer, and much more prayer. Indeed,
this generation cannot do any better if we are calling for a revival that will have a lasting impact.
In the light of this, every Thursday between the hours of 9pm and 10 pm has been dedicated to
the Anaviosi Fotia prayers and the day has also been set aside for Fasting as well. If the cloud be
full of rain, they empty themselves (Ecclesiastes 11:3) and so we trust that as we keep praying,
there shall be a massive outpouring of God’s revival that has never been witnessed in this
To join in the weekly prayers, kindly call 0555602424 and dial either 482811# or 519911#.
Slogan: Anaviosi Fotia (Revival Fire)…Now!

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